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Ms Morgan's Mutterings

Daily update from Ms Morgan

While school is closed to most pupils it does remain open to children from Keyworker families.

If you have any questions then please do ring the school office. 


Final Ms Morgan's Muttering - 29th May

Good Morning Everyone………      Good Morning Ms Morgan…………     Good Morning               EVERYONE

Well, here I am again….I bet you were glad to have a few days break from my

mutterings and mumblings! Sorry….I am back today for one last Muttering!


……………………….. the time has come to hang up my mutters and get back in the classroom to actually TEACH!


Today has been a busy day again so far, but I have now received the Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment addendum back from their checking and reviewing at Shropshire Council. Phew! That’s a huge relief!

Plus Boris has made his announcement yesterday, so …….. it’s all systems go as school, re-opens to those designated children whose families have already chosen to send their children back into school from Monday 1st June. Classrooms have been organised with the correct amount of spaces and desks, and trays set up for the number of children asking for a place.

My brilliant staff have all been so busy making sure their classrooms are as safe as possible whilst remaining child friendly and happy places to be. These strange times of ‘You Know What’ have made us all revise our ways and that has been the same here at school…..

I have become much more proficient at IT … yes I had to really … wasn’t my choice of course but it was needs must! Mrs Betts has cleared away many years of collected clutter, debris, un wanted resources, stuff! I can not believe I can actually see her desk top now! Miss Ward has converted her classroom to a castle! (Hoping she’ll let down the drawbridge on Monday!) Mrs Hardaker has been just waiting for a chance to tidy away in Class 3PH, Mr Patch liked it better how it was! (He is an unashamed collector of stuff!) So you see we have all moved along a certain journey and as a result we are now different in some small way or another.

I am sure you have all changed too and your families have tried new things and new challenges. I suppose this is what life is about. Meeting the challenges of every day and getting on with them as best we can in our own ways. My garden has had to take a back seat over the past couple of weeks as paper work and the school office have claimed me and kept me chained to the desk and computer! I don’t resent it in any way! Of course not! Who wouldn’t love to spend half term in the office with Government updates and paperwork re social distancing! It’s been great! Thank goodness for Wendy’s sausage rolls and doughnuts! They have saved me!

My cabbages and beans have forgotten who I am and what I look like, and the woodpecker has pecked off as he says I haven’t paid him enough attention lately in my mutterings!

I have also been practising my skipping skills as we will be having lots of skipping challenges and fun next week along with many random playdough activities! It’s been a very long time since I have had my own pot of playdough …. I had to banish it from my house when my daughter was of playdough age as she kept eating it! So a trip down memory lane for me! I really like the smell of new playdough.

I must admit……. before I leave this afternoon…. I am going to have a huge whirl on my chair as I haven’t done it at all this week or last week! …. and I don’t think I will get time to do it next week! Mrs Bennett has popped in to help with some paper work so I’ll have to wait until she has gone again before I whirl!

So…….. as I end….. I would like to say Gold Stars all round to you all, for being such super families and for keeping going through this time. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we can all meet up again and Selattyn can get back to doing what it does best. It’s still going to be weird without some of you, and not the same at all, and I will still miss those of you not returning yet. Although my mutterings will cease from today, please keep looking out for updates and the usual ‘Newsletter’ which will be back next week. Hopefully that will keep everyone in the Selattyn loop so to speak.


May you be blessed with good health. May you stay strong and resilient. May you be kind to one another and to yourselves. May you keep safe and take care of each other. May God bless you all.


Thank you…. Over and out!

Amen….       Ahh….men


A Postscript:  572 updates, 6 versions of risk assessments, 27 staff memos, 19 sausage rolls, 28 allowed hygiene posters, 4 not allowed hygiene posters, 109 emails related to ‘You Know What’, 33 brownie bites, 117 metres of warning floor tape, 92 litres of Zoflora, (so far), 46 reams of A4 paper, 13 bottles of handsanitiser, 37 packs of green paper towels, 285.5 half drunk cups of black coffee, 7 boxes of tissues and a partridge in a pear tree!

(all statistics approximate at time of press!)

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