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We believe in a whole school approach that encourages an integrated 'family' atmosphere throughout the school. This is sustained by all members of our community being genuinely interested in the welfare of each other and each child knowing that there is always a sympathetic companion nearby, adult or child. We believe we are family, God's family and that in His care and with His guidance we will flourish and grow together.

This 'family' atmosphere is also promoted by the willingness of all children to assist and care for each other; to share in each other's concerns and successes so that the whole community develops together in an atmosphere of friendly, mutual co-operation.

We aim to develop every individual to their full potential, through the encouragement of high standards and high expectations. We aim to offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum and to foster in our children a love and enjoyment of learning and respect for and an understanding of God's world in which they live.

Through all activities we promote independence, understanding, forgiveness, co-operation, initiative, perseverance and self-discipline.

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