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Term Dates

Selattyn School term Dates 2022 - 2023


Monday, 5th September 2022 – PD Day

Tuesday, 6th September – Return to school

Thursday, 20th October – Break for half term 

Friday, 21st October – PD Day


Monday, 31st October – Return to school

Friday, 16th December – Break for Christmas



Tuesday, 3rd January 2023 – PD Day

Wednesday, 4th January – Return to school

Friday, 17th February – Break for half term


Monday, 27th February – Return to school

Friday, 31st March – Break for Easter



Monday 17th April 2023 – Return to school

Friday, 26th May – Break for half term


Monday, 5th June – Return to school

Friday, 21st July – Break for summer

24th & 25th July – PD Days

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Please download Selattyn term dates for 23 /24 here.
In addition to the standard PD Days, we have additional PD days on 19th February 2024 and 19th July 2024

Autumn term:

Starts: 5 September 2023
Half term: 30 October 2023 - 3 November 2023
Ends: 20 December 2023

PD days / bank holidays:
Monday 4 September 2023 (PD), Friday 27 October 2023 (PD)


Spring term:

Starts: 4 January 2024
Half term: 12 - 16 February 2024
Ends: 22 March 2024

PD days / bank holidays: 
Wednesday 3 January 2024 (PD), 19th February 2024 (PD)

Summer term:

Starts: 8 April 2024
Half term: 27 - 31 May 2024
Ends: 19 July 2024

PD days / bank holidays:
Monday 6 May 2024 (BH), Friday 19th July (PD)

School Opening Times

Our school day for all years is Monday - Friday 8:50am - 3:30pm during term dates listed above.

School gates open at 8:30 a.m. each morning of the week. This is to enable those parents who need to get away swiftly, to drop their children off in the school hall. We would ask those families, not requiring this facility, not arrive on school premises until at least 8.45 a.m. This will alleviate parking issues in the village and help reduce any risks of fall on the playground. The bell rings at 8:50 a.m. If remaining on the yard for any short period, children must be accompanied by their parent/carer and remain with them quietly until the bell rings for them to line up in their class spaces. Class staff will come out on the yard and lead their classes in at 8:50. Children who have been in the hall will be lead out and join their class lines when the bell is rung.

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