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Mission Statement


"Selattyn Church of England School takes pride in being a small, special, successful family with an overriding, caring Christian ethos.

Christian values run as a thread through our learning and teaching and collective worship forms an important part of our daily life.

We nurture and utilise our unique rural environment and draw from and contribute to our local community and church.

We believe in the realisation of each individual's true potential, regardless of their ability or social background, through their personalised learning and spiritual journey with an onus on making education exciting and fun.

We aim to develop a culture of true inclusion and diversity where all individuals are proud of their identity and are able to participate fully in school life."

Our Vision Wheel

Selattyn School Vision Wheel

Our Aims


To provide an inclusive Christian learning environment where every child feels happy, secure, valued and suitably challenged.

  • To ensure children are aware of God's environment in which they live and learn.

  • To maximise the potential of every individual with an acceptance and realisation that each child's abilities, capabilities, aptitudes and needs are different.

  • To ensure equality of educational opportunity for all children and adults in the school.

  • To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, social and physical development of every child within school.

  • To promote a culture of high standards and expectations through all aspects of school life.

  • To encourage independence and self motivation and help children develop lively and enquiring minds.

  • To model and nurture a culture of respect for each other and ourselves and give children the responsibility for their own behaviour.

  • To promote enjoyment of and high standards and expectations in numeracy, literacy, sciences, humanities, physical activities and the arts.

  • To foster links with the local and wider communities and explore the benefits of shared initiatives and expertise.

  • To live and learn within the family atmosphere that lies at the heart of our small village school.

Click here for Selattyn's British Values Statement.

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