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Bryntysilio Residential Visit


March 2023

Day 1 - Hello from Brynti

We have all had a huge amount of fun, as you can imagine their energy is limitless. 

First stop exploring our rooms, the triple bunks were a source of much excitement.


Then a few games whilst exploring the local vicinity.  The instructors are all amazing.

Next stop lunch, a nice roll with our preferred choice.


In the afternoon a choice of gorge walking, scrambling and archery.   The children were all fantastic and all had a go with enthusiasm.   Back for tea which was delicious. 


To end the day a night walk up the hills to look down at Llangollen.   Followed by hot chocolate and biscuits!

Day 2 - Busy second day!

Well another day in Brynti, Canoeing, archery, Gorge walking.  

Followed by night lines and low ropes. Wow!! 

Dinner tonight was amazing, roast chicken with all the trimming.  Apple crumble and custard, yum!!!  

Day 3 - Final Day!

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