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Our Vision

As a loving community, our vision is to nurture each individual in our care, giving them the skills, resilience and hope to succeed and flourish, both academically and spiritually, in God’s ever changing world.

Our vision influences the spirit of our school and the policies and practices within it. We believe that spirituality is a core thread that runs through our school and we attach great importance to it for both children’s development and for the growth and well-being of all within our school community.



We aim for children, and adults, to grow in their ability to:

  • be guided by their beliefs and values and be willing to take a stand to defend them

  • be self-aware and empathise with the experience of others in the school and wider community

  • love themselves, care for themselves, believe in their potential to achieve, and find inner strength and resilience when facing challenges

  • exercise imagination and creativity, appreciate beauty in the world and be alive to experiences of awe and wonder

  • be intrigued by mystery and be open to an awareness of the transcendent in the whole of life

  • be comfortable with stillness and silence and open to engage in reflection/meditation/prayer

  • be ready to say sorry when mistakes are made, to forgive themselves and to forgive others

  • be willing to take risks and to reflect, learn and grow following experiences of failure as well as success

  • demonstrate curiosity and open mindedness when exploring life’s big questions

  • appreciate and be thankful for what is good in life like friends and family, and show generosity towards others


Our working definition of ‘spirituality’

As a staff and governor team, we have agreed on a definition of spiritual development in our school community to support us as we talk about spirituality.


Spirituality is an awareness of mystery and its value to human flourishing.

Collective Worship at Selattyn

Collective Worship at Selattyn C. of E. Primary School plays an essential part in the life of our school.

It offers the whole school community opportunities to experience and reflect on the work, worth and worship of our school.

This is set within the context of the corporate community of our school which values individuality and affirms every individual’s unique contribution, regardless of age, sex, ability, background or religion.

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