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Local Curriculum Days


Orienteering, Rights for Life, Forest school, Healthy Life Challenge, Grow your Own


These days are a chance for children to have a change from classroom based learning.

They learn in their family groups rather than year groups, which gives the chance for the younger children to work alongside their older peers.


Each of the activities are undertaken for a half day, so this takes up two and half days each term.

Orienteering: Groups of children in twos and threes are given a school map and sent looking for items on marker pegs.

Rights for Life: This is a classroom based activity, where the children learn about UNICEF, and other related organisations dealing with Welfare and Crises throughout the world. Selattyn is a UNICEF rights respecting school​

Forest School:   This is an activity where the children are encouraged to identify with nature.

Healthy Life Challenge:  This involves indoor sports activities and also the preparation and sampling of healthy food.

Grow your Own:   The children get the chance to learn about vegetable production, from digging the ground, compost making, seed sowing and plant propagation through to harvest.


These days are a fantastic opportunity for children to gain new experience, enjoy the great outdoors and it sets them up for the opportunities they will be offered in Secondary school. But above all it builds the team spirit and family ethos which is so important at Selattyn School.

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