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Our Vision

As a loving community, our vision is to nurture each individual in our care, giving them the skills, resilience and hope to succeed and flourish, both academically and spiritually, in God’s ever changing world.


Selattyn C of E Primary School places great significance on Physical Education (P.E) and its role in students' development. Our PE curriculum is designed to be enjoyable and of high quality, aiming to motivate every pupil to achieve success in competitive sports and other physically demanding activities. Our objectives align closely with the national curriculum for physical education, focusing on ensuring that all children:

  • Develop proficiency across a wide range of physical activities.

  • Engage in sustained physical activity.

  • Participate in competitive sports and activities.

  • Lead healthy and active lives.

Our curriculum emphasises not just sporting skills but also the sporting values and transferable life skills such as teamwork and respect. Through diverse enrichment activities and intra-school competitions, we strive to elevate the status of PE and introduce our students to a variety of sports experiences.

Structured in line with the Early Years Framework and the National Curriculum, our PE syllabus offers a clear skill progression from Reception to Year 6. This planned skill development aims to meet the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum. Also, our curriculum emphasises the importance of healthy lifestyles, balanced diets, fostering a positive growth mindset, and the resilience needed for perseverance.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Physical Education (PE) stands as one of the prime areas of learning, forming a foundation that supports the development of essential skills such as balance, walking and coordinator. This priority is reflected in both indoor and outdoor learning spaces, where dedicated areas and resources are designed to nurture specific abilities such as balance, climbing, throwing, and more. Children engage in a weekly two-hour PE session focused on developing specific skills using diverse equipment. The emphasis is on making these sessions enjoyable to instil a love for physical activity, complemented by additional movement opportunities built into the daily routine through activities such as yoga, dough disco, and active storytelling.

Parents are regularly updated on their child's PE progress through the school website and during parent's evenings. The curriculum encourages children to understand the importance of being active. In Key Stages 1 and 2, the curriculum expands to cover various sports, games, gymnastics, and swimming, promoting sporting values such as teamwork, and respect.

Adaptability is key, ensuring inclusivity and engagement for all pupils. Progression is carefully tracked through a dedicated PE Skills Progression document, ensuring a consistent skill development journey. The school actively participates in sports days, inter-school competitions, and collaborative initiatives such as the Wrexham athletics festival, fostering a culture of physical well-being and healthy competition. Additionally, the school offers lunch and after-school clubs, chosen through pupil voice, enhancing access to physical activities beyond the curriculum. Selattyn CE Primary School are currently working hard to achieve a School Games quality mark for the first time. 


At Selattyn C of E Primary School, our PE curriculum prioritises enhancing the overall well-being and fitness of every student. Beyond teaching sporting skills, Physical Education (PE) instils essential values and principles. Through robust connections with Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education (PHSE), we foster comprehensive well-being by emphasising self-discipline and the importance of taking responsibility for personal health and fitness.

Recognising the diverse range of physical abilities within each class, we tailor learning experiences to suit individual capabilities. This approach ensures that tasks align with each child's level of ability, providing suitable challenges.

Students at Selattyn CE Primary School demonstrate commendable progress in PE, displaying enthusiasm for attending after-school clubs and participating in competitive sports events. These activities contribute significantly to their overall development and engagement in physical education.

Curriculum Maps for Physical Education

Please see detail of the curriculum maps for Physical Education taught at Selattyn C.E. School

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